Friday, May 04, 2007


I was at target earlier this week and found some kinda brilliant plastic pegboard. and some 2-prong hooks. I thought it might be a nice way to get some stuff up off my table if (when?) (if?) I do really start doing craft shows.

hahahahah....i'm pretending like people are going to let me in and i'm going to do shows and people will buy my stuff.....hahahahah.

I've applied for Baltimore's Pile of Craft. and in the fall is Crafty Bastards.

this sunday is another art-o-market. I'm helping Rania set up, and hopefully selling some things.

I know at the very least, two people want to buy dolls.

Tonight is meet the artist night. i'm nervous, but i'm going.


moogan said...

have a great night at the meet and greet.I'm sure you will sell your heart out!

moogan said...

you've been tagged see my blog for details