Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A december to remember

Well, maybe not- maybe a December to make me want to shoot myself in the foot.
Big changes are ahead!
I'm moving- not to Chicago (although a girl can still dream, right?) After 7 years as a Ward 7 resident (Not Marion Barry's ward- one over) I move back to Ward 6 where I began my life in DC 12 years ago.
While i wish I were a bit closer to Eastern Market, I can't complain. Near a coffee shop, a BBQ place and lots of windows and light. I'll be happy to not have to cross the Sousa bridge every day and deal with that ridiculous snare of traffic.
Not to get all Jerry Seinfeld on you, but what is UP with people driving across bridges? They simply can't!

For the handful of you that actually check this to see what shows I'm doing, here's something for you too!
Saturday December 5- Handmade Mart Holiday Shop and Stroll. How am I going to move and have a show within days of each other? I don't know either my friend....I don't know either....
Also- Tina, Debbie (60 bugs) and I are putting on a show with about 15 of our friends in the DWR showroom in Adams Morgan on Saturday the 19th.
And hopefully somewhere in between will be the Rock and Shop at the Black Cat.

So....more soon. I promise.