Monday, June 25, 2007

Pro Photos

Allow me to pimp my friend Pete Duvall of

He took super pro photos of my dolls. I think they look lovely

baby batty

baby batty
Originally uploaded by tigersscareme
This is a baby proof version of the Batty for my friend eric's kid's first birthday.

I hope it doesn't scare him.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Make new friends!

Be friends with the Baddies!

Join Astro-NOT! and Zee Handsome Devil
While they await their friends Fun Gus and Batty and Bruised Ghost.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Thank You!!!

Thanks to all the incredibly nice people at X in DC tonight.
I thought i was going to be an old indie rocker in a sea of young hip electronica kids, but I genuinely loved everyone i met.

Everyone was so kind and encouraging. It was really great and really fun, and holy crap, how 'bout those Pop Rock martinis?

pictures sometime soon!
if you took some, please send 'em my way!!!
today is the 88/X thing.

I am incredibly nervous. As I always am before a new event. I'm just wondering, should I bring a book?

Ikea has an ingenious new-ish thing- it's a little metal rolling dolly that you can stack individual drawers on.
I bought the trolley and one drawer yesterday on an ikea trip with my boss.

I can't find pictures of it on the website, so i'll have to assemble it and take pictures and post it here, because if you do craft shows and carry 4 boxes of stuff, this might be for you...

ok, i have to water my garden, feed the cat, make a few more things and shower..
oh! and get ready for this thing too..

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

this is how it goes

when i get tired, i lose things.

Friday was the epic losing of the keys (12 hour search)
Sunday night/monday/tuesday/now I have lost my cell phone.

i am due for an upgrade anyway i think...i've had that phone for a little over 2 years. i love that phone 'tho.

Have you seen me?

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Astro-NOT on myspace

My brother's girlfriend brilliantly said "you should make a myspace page for each baddie!"
So I totally am.
here's astro-NOT

be his friend, won't you?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

on deck

I'll be at
on June 19th. It looks pretty slick and I'm afraid I'm going to be out of place with my messy little felt dolls. But who knows...

I had a second interview yesterday with a store that sells paper and Gocco supplies. And it's lovely. And the people who work there are lovely. But the pay is incredibly bad.

I would start at what I made 9 years ago basically, and lose 1/3 of my income which is scary.
It might be too scary to make the leap.

Here are some +/- of the situation.

+ cute store
+nice area (probably wouldn't find dead hookers, used condomns and human feces-smeared socks outside of the store. All of which have been found outside of the prop shop. Hey, both places have the initials "PS".)
+learn skills like letter press and book binding
+there would be opportunities to grow and take on to earn more money.
+hours are from 10-7
+they have air conditioning (the work room at the prop shop can get up to 103 degrees in the summer, and this winter with one heater down, it wouldn't get above 54 degrees)
+probably wouldn't be as tired when i got home.

-if i chose to bus, then metro, then bus it would take about an hour and 20 minutes. which means if i work until 7, i won't be home until 8:30 and having dinner at 9
-i would absolutely have to take on at least one more part time job, and i wanted to get out of the job i have now so i can work more on my own art stuff. and i'm not going to sew on the bus. i'm sorry, but i'm just not.
- no sick days. limited health insurance (no vision...which i don't need, but i do enjoy a good sick day every now and again)
-i am by myself. i have no one to fall back on if i get behind in bills which i am barely making right now i would be completely screwed.

which i think maybe sums up what i need to do.
there's no way i can cut $10,000 out of my yearly pay and still live. there's just no way.
I would never see my friends, I'd be constantly worried about money that I would do nothing but work 24-7. Is that the kind of life I want?

But do I want to work in a 100 degree work room in the summer....

oh lord, help?

Saturday, June 02, 2007

ceiling ian

am i the only person that when i see this:
thinks of this: