Tuesday, May 15, 2007

prop pod

also, in a show i'm working on, there are 3 ipods. hamlet gives ophelia a big pink one.

that they throw on the floor every night.
i'm not giving those asses a real one when they can't even keep their hands on a 10 foot length of rope.
so i made this.

(it's a chunk of plywood that inset a piece of plexi glass, and then photoshopped a screen and copied it onto acetate and laminated it to the "pod" and then coat the whole thing with "triple thick" varnish.

I have to say, it looks really good.

the song choice? "you're my miss washington DC" by nation of ulysses....naturally...

1 comment:

moogan said...

that looks amazing. I know you hate it but I love your job.
do you have links to the playhouse? I'm just curious about this modern day hamlet, complete with ipods