Sunday, May 13, 2007

great sunday

I would have liked to have spent today with my mom, but i got to spend it with rania and sean and colleen at art o matic.
i also got to see the most awesomest kid that ever awesomed:
that's him with my collection of monsters. i hope his mom brings him to fort reno this summer. as you can see, he's the coolest and most adorable 6 year old ever.
he told me all about the monsters that he's going to create- i can't wait to see them at the next artomatic.

it made me think, this time around, artomatic wanted people to do little workshops with them....maybe i'll do a monster one next time...

oh my god, what's happening? i like kids???!?!???!?

also, here's my table

and lastly- look at the size of this fucking poisonivy plant!!!!

i am beat but i need to unpack the car

but i just heard 3 gun shots, so i'll wait to go outside....they vertainly didn't sound like they were outside. but still....kinda close.


Tracy said...

Yeah! great pic! He loves his monsters, and is memorizing their poems. Any chance of buying another FunGus from you? And, what the hell, a Handsome Devil too while I'm at it, gotta gave the whole set :)

moogan said...

did the poison ivy take shots at you? the spread looks good. Keep making. I promise when sales improve I'll be buying one!!!

Jojo said...

I knew it! I knew your art was influenced by Charles Burns. That man makes my life! I'm that gal who bought your bird print this sunday after having you pull out all your colors. My brother got the robot print. Either way, your work is awesome - go you!