Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by miss moogan of moogan creations, to spill 7 little known things about me.

I kinda feel like there's very little to not be known about me but here goes:

1) The reason I feel like there's little to be known about me, is because I've actually been "blogging" since february 1999. I don't know if blog was even really a word then. It's funny and humbling to read entries from when I was 25. It's mostly embarassing- particularly when i check the stats and see what/who people googled and found me. I don't tell people about that blog, since that's where I vent about my job and boys and music and whatever. although i know a lot of them know about it. i don't mind. it's kind of nice, really. like a diary that talks back and offers advice

2)I'm a chronic incompleter. i have so many half-finished projects that are just gathering dust. I'm a ditherer. A dillatante.

3) I tried skateboarding when I was in junior high. Mid throes of a crush on Mike McGill. I sliced my leg on a slide which started me on the path of worrying about hurting myself. Until then, i rode horses, did tricks on my bike (i called it bike ballet, where i would stand on the cross bar with one foot and then hold the other leg out at some weird angle. actually, there are pictures of this from college too)
I also use to be more brazen with powertools. I've ripped entire 4x8 sheets of luan by myself when i was in college. The key was having a good run-off table.
Now you can not get me near a table saw.

4)Speaking of scars- I was born with a hernia. It ruptured and started to turn gangerous when i was in kindergarten. I remember skipping across the room and then falling down in pain. When I was taken to the hospital, I remember an asian doctor pressing on my stomach and asking if it hurt and i croaked out a "noooooooooo" and my mom smacked me and said "tell him if it hurts!" i had to wear a bandage on my stomach for three weeks and i remember the doctor saying that the scars would fade by the time i was married. the scars haven't really faded and i'm not married. i wonder if it's related.

5)When I was little and we went away on vacation, i would make sure my room had nice displays in it, so if anyone ever broke into our house, they would see these magical arrangements of Byer horses and ceramic dogs and horseback riding ribbons and go "this looks so nice! i can't mess with this" and develop some weird empathy and leave my room (and hopefully my house) alone.

6) my great grandma Cad died when i was 5 or 6. i inherited a bunch of her costume jewelry. i thought pirates might try to steal it (apparently i had a lot of issues with theft when i was little) and buried them in the ground. with some star wars toys. a few years later (3 or 4) i was convinced i was going to get a pig (i had just read charolette's web) and was trying to ready a part of the yard by my playhouse and found the storm trooper.

7)I'm apparently completely un-hirable anywhere but where I am now. So i play the lottery every week to see if i can hit a portion of the jackpot so i can go back to school and learn some skills to get me out of here. I'm really good at my job, but i really *really* don't want to be in theatre anymore.

I don't even know if anyone reads this thing, really, so i'll tag:

*you* (if there's someone reading this i don't know)


moogan said...

what a great list. I also was a skater girl. I entered a small competion at my local school parking lot. I bailed to many times to count.
wanna switch day jobs
thanks for playing!

Anonymous said...

I read this! I'll answer soon, but I'm on deadline today.