Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We are reaching a new low

Two weeks ago, FOX debuted two half hour episodes of a new Amy Sherman-Palladino show- The Return of Jezabel James. I'll admit, there's a hole in my life from the void of Loreli Gilmore. I had avoided that show like the plague (and really, all one-hour programing until about 6 years ago) because i thought it looked too "chick-lit" but the fast banter, non-stop coffee consumption and XTC and Siouxsie Sue references kept me coming back.
So I looked forward to seeing the new project (Parker Posey is attached!) even though I was a bit doubtful (oh, lauren ambrose is also in this...)
It wasn't great. It wasn't dreadful. It did lean more towards bad...but it doesn't matter...it's canceled.

Maybe this will free up the palladino's to work on something better? Something with more Ed Hermann? In this case, it's probably better to have no Amy Palladino that that show.

Speaking of guilty TV things-

Really? Oh Tyra...is there no business venture you won't attempt?

Next time, could we suggest a few? Like a Rebecca doll that collapses on her own? A Tiffany doll with a string that when pulled says "That bitch poured beer on my weave!!" A shandi doll that will make out with anything?


Anonymous said...

How about a Jaselen trannie doll. One minute it's in, the next it's out. Oops, I'm mixing up my shows! *snort*

igotmoxie said...

yes! a jasleen doll with a big flapping jaw that doesn't like up right

Ketzirah Carly said...

wow. total agreement about the utter crappiness of the Jezebel James show. The laugh track was just too awful to be real.

I may need to get one of those ANTM dolls. Wow. They are amazing -- especially a drag queen Jasleen!