Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Color finally on the plane

On saturday, I finally began laying some color on the plane-

Hey, it's a start. I have to thank the super nice people atGlobal plastics for agreeing to wave their $60 minimum order and sold me just one dome so i can make a 3-d robot for the plane and then cover the whole shabang with a clear dome. I'm most excited about that!
Right now the half-moon for the bottom looks like this:

Although it's in my dining room. I found wire to slice all the way through, but it's pretty fragile so it keeps breaking. Hopefully it won't rain saturday and i can yank it back outside and finish cutting it in half.


Tracy said...


A million years ago an artist I worked for had to make displays and used styrofoam all the time - he had this neat little device that was basically a wire with an electric current run through so it was hot - cut through the styrofoam like it was butter. Like Buttah, I tell ya!

igotmoxie said...

yeah, this is one of those times i miss working for the shakes. machine- all the access to tools!

Miss Pin Productions said...

I ♥ your plane.