Tuesday, April 03, 2007

i made some gocco prints tonight.
even 'tho i have grant and taxes deadlines looming.
the grant is due tomorrow. yipes.
the prints came out only ok i think. i tried to switch colors on the screens and ended up fucking the screens up a bit. i don't have the hang of it yet.

i started white (and used way too much ink which sucks since that stuff if hard to find now)
and then tried to make it darker.
i should consult rania who is a genius with that thing.

but I feel pretty sure that I have at least two of each that are show worthy for art o matic.
meanwhile, my dining room is a disaster

be glad you're not my roommate.

sadie was underfoot through some of the process and sums up the evening by yawning as i was trying to ake her picture

she is now lying next to me snoring.
while i'm being lame and blogging about my cat, here's this picture too. she likes to burrow under the covers and play.


moogan said...

love the new prints!

artandghosts said...

that last image is so hilarious and cute, a really lovely kitty!

your art is amazing too!
(found you via the etsy forum link)