Monday, April 16, 2007

Tell-tale signs of spring

My first tell tale sign of spring is that i always always ALWAYS get poisonivy on my chin. Always.
This year is no exception.
I think sadie must find it and then bring in the oil on her fur, because she does like to rub against my face as i'm trying to sleep, watch tv, do my taxes, what have you.

Art O Matic is open! And i think it went fairly well. I've had at least 4 people contact me about my dolls, which is nice. I do think they probably represent better in person than on etsy.

I'm not sure what to do about people actually buying the things in person. We can't remove them from the installation prior to the show closing...that I understand. But I kinda feel like I need to have some assurance they'll actually buy the thing before I mark it sold so i'm not missing out on a sale, just because someone may have had three beers so my stuff looks good then, but they're not really serious about buying.

Anyone with more experience want to help a girl out? What would you do?

With taxes done, Titus and Artomatic open, I need a new deadline....
Goal for this week: Better Etsy photos! And hopefully list one or two of the gocco prints I've done.


moogan said...

so sorry spring brings the unpleasant ivy your way. I have a friend whose back yard has it. Every time she stepps near that part of her yard, she gets the ivy.
I'm not sure how the show works but it is my experince that work should be purchased and then tagged to show it has been sold. Then when the show comes down you or the gallery contact the buyer to pick up or deliver the purchased art. If they don't pay on sight then don't reserve it for them. I'm not sure this was helpful but I hope you come to a conclusion.

moogan said...

I'm loving the new look too!