Monday, April 30, 2007


Yesterday at the Art-O-Market was fun.
I think my favorite part of these are meeting the other vendors.
And bartering!
I got an amazing little book from the adorable Bookwurm...oh i don't have her card on my so i can't post her site.

I met two amazing kids who said they were "big fans of your work downstairs".

It made my week. month. year.
almost enough to make me want kids.

it was so much fun that i'm helping rania of goshdarnknit fame set up *next* sunday too.

another person asked if i was the woman that makes the smores dolls. i said no. i may have said no too quickly because he appologised and i felt bad. it's a huge compliment to be compared to her (
I had to look at her shop again because then i became worried my stuff was too much like hers, but it's not.

i mean, i guess the tone is similar but subject matter/execution is totally different.

i think....


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moogan said...

I can't seem to make the link to papercrane.
Congrats on all the lovely compliments. I love your work too!