Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A day in the life in pictures

three weeks ago, I purchased a little tiny greenhouse from Ikea. Last week I planted some seeds (mostly left over from last year, mostly zinnias, two morning glories, some basil) here they are now:
there was a small mushroom looking thing growing in the big pot of basil, but today when i returned from work it was gone

then today at work, I had to sew a different head on babydoll. the doll's body needed to be lightweight (i'll explain later) but the baby needed to um...not be white. , so i introduce you to frankenbaby

the reason the body needed to be lightweight, is because i needed to make it squirm on its own, so i found a remote control toy to take care of the motion. in hopes to strengthen the radio wave reception, i sewed an antannae to the baby's belly

another project of mine was the meat pit titus feeds to tamara which has her boys inside.
the pie in question is a 20" diameter pie with a thermal plastic crust

which breaks away to reveal

here's a close up of one of the faces

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moogan said...

i think i love you and your blog! I found you through one of the esty forums. love your work and your style