Monday, January 14, 2008

Good Sign!

When I'm lucky enough to roadtrip, I have a silly rule- only eat at places with great signs.
I just do.
There's one place that locally perhaps inspired that rule and last night was my last time at the Tom Sarris Orleans house. I've only been going there for the last 7-8 of its 54+ glorious years. I will miss that place tremendously. The balcony. The mysterious bright green house salad dressing on the salad bar shaped like a steamboat

The whole design of the place is so fantastically visionary.
it closes forever tomorrow. It's going to be torn down for new, shiny office buildings.
It breaks my heart that anything with character in this area is being squashed in favor of shiny luxury. it's gross.


Debbie said...

oh wow, that is sad. i remember going there with my freakin' parents when i was a kid, but only on very special occasions. nothing says fancy like a big piece of meat!

Jason said...

Wow - I didn't know it closed. I've been too caught up in Dremo's closing.

That's one of the oldest buildings in Arlington/Rosslyn, too - is nothing sacred?

I love that place - I wish I could have went recently and viewed the bee-hived hostess's hair one last time.