Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm Julie, your cruise entertainment director!

There's so much stuff happening this weekend!
So buckle up! There's no reason to rest your chin on your fist and sigh about how bored you are.
The Warehouse has its anual War/Peace show. I was tapped by ondra Arkin to help with a 'check point' installation. Incidentally, if you'd like to don some khakis and reflective sunglasses, we're still looking for security guards.
The (in)famous Sean has himself a show with other glass type people. My tired eyes skipped a word in the info and read it as "quite international". You should go.
As if that's not enough, my favorite new gallery Art Whino looks to have a super fun opening. I'm still raving about the Rick Reese show there in November.
For your ears, Travis Morrison & the Hellfighters are playing a show at the Black Cat . Travis moved to Brooklyn. Which seems to be the norm now. Once upon a time I'd be sad. But I'm not. DC is begining to wear on me too. And I've only been here for 10 years.
But let's keep this positive...
Saturday Rock 'n Romp is at McGinty's and not only will I be there face painting kids who want me to draw on them, the real attraction is Neal Pollack signing copies of his book 'Alternadad'.
Saturday night, back at the Black Cat for Daniel Johnston where the only thing I will be doing is drinking.
Sunday is for me and none of your bid'ness.

Hope to see you somewhere!


Manda said...

wow, too bad we're not going to washington for our honeymoon. you've got the info! have fun!

Tracy said...

I couldn't do the Rock N romp because of a meeting, and then I left the Black Cat before the actual Daniel Johnston official performance. You are - so far - the only person I know (besides PM folks) that have heard of him. With your Reno experience I'm not surprised.