Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More places to find me

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On December 1, i'm going to show you some ideas with what to do with the ugly sweater your Aunt Hilda (or Barb, or Heloise) gave you last Christmas at Earth Alley in Baltimore. From 2-3. The workshop is free free free but if you want to bring materials, that's probably a good idea.

Also, I'll be at the Ballston Square Art market this Saturday [Thanks Tracy!!!] the 13th (oooooh spooky) in Ballston Virginia with two my my fellow Mutineers- Joy and Tina, so come on by. There might be a bloggy-incentive to come later in the week (like tomorrow) so we'll see if anyone actually reads this.

And finally- an update to my etsy shop. I kind of like the fact that no two Fun Gus' are alike. I mean, intentionally that is.


Tracy said...

Is the Balston Market on the same day - Dec 1st?

igotmoxie said...

Ballston is this weekend, the 13th.
I'll fix that right now!

K8teebug said...

Being a "mold girl", I love this one.