Sunday, July 01, 2007

new art!

today I made one new small painting:

and i listed it as well as three other works in my etsy shop:

hopefully something will sell before i leave for Chicago.

someone outside is setting off firecrackers.
i hate this time of year.


moogan said...

i love the new pictures!

Anonymous said...

I'm posting this here becuase you're guestbook on dland isn't working:

That's great news about the shop in Boston! You should contact the other one too. I bet the 200 items was Fred Flare (it's a requirement in the Next Big Thing contest anyway). Your dolls are so awesome! Way better than the Ugly Dolls.

Oh, and I'll have your undies in the mail sometime next week. Sorry for the delay.


P.S. Cutting out the things that are bad for you is a great idea. I've been on a mini purge for the last few months. Some of it can be hard, especially when the thing that's bad previously masqueraded as a "friend."

P.P.S. I get to go to the construction forecasts in the fall again this year. I'll plan for more time in DC AFTER the event, so expect a weekend guest sometime in October.