Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Back from Chicago

Wow i'm exhausted. 3 days of rock at pitchfork (saw: Slint (astounding), Gza, Sonic Youth, Grizzly Bear (meh), Battles (killed), Mastadon (super killed), Of Montreal, Steven Malkmus (adorable and engaging), Sea and Cake (awesome new stuff), New Pornographers (less-awesome new stuff), Jamie Liddel (annoying), Clipse (really great), iron and wine (meh).
Part of me regrets not seeing De La Soul, but my feets are tired. they still are.
My favorite moment might have been seeing Brian McMahan all but swallow the mic at the end of "Good morning captain"
I wish tina and aaron had been there.

Now i need to switch gears and start making stuff!
Also, look for a small-ish interview with me in the Washington Times on Friday about the X in DC event. I'm everywhere!!!

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