Thursday, October 02, 2008

volcanoes and kittens

This is Hot Head- my newest character that debuted at Crafty Bastards
Hot Head- he's a volcano
And then because some people have asked- two photos of the kitten

On the table at the vet:
new kitten

in my lap at the vet:
baby bat ears

He's eating like a champ and getting more playful everyday.
Sadie (my own, 10 year old cat) is less than excited. So let's hope my mom loves him! Because my roommate is getting attached to him as well!


Scenic Artisan said...

thats some cute kitty!

igotmoxie said...

He is....he matches your kitties...maybe he should live with YOU!

talula does the hula said...

Too much cuteness in one post! Unfortunately, I would have three very unhappy boys if I came home from DC with a new addition to the family. That is, unless it was another Baddie!

Colleen said...

That picture doesn't do him justice. He is cuter in really life and like the size of your hand!

Tina Amato said...

That might just be the cutest kitty I've ever seen. Oh man. If my apartment complex allowed pets, I would be all up in this.

BeckyKay said...

EEEEEE! That totally looks like the kitten we rescued a year ago. Now, he's a big 12 lb lug of mischief! lOL!