Friday, September 26, 2008

lost afternoon

Good intentions, bah.

This afternoon, I intended to go to Ikea and pick up some things for my display on sunday. I took kennilworth ave instead of BW parkway and see what I thought was a black squirrel darting in and out of traffic. It was infact a teeny tiny black kitten.
I swung a u-turn, parked my car, ran across traffic, hopped a guardrail and coaxed the scrawniest black kitten out of weeds. Which reminds me, I should shower with that poison ivy stuff tonight, because knowing my luck...
So I have the kitty, he's stopped squirming and i'm holding him to my chest and petting him and he's calm now. I'm not sure what to do because I already have a cat, but my moms dear cat lucy suddenly died on wednesday. Really suddenly. So i figure it's fate and i know a good vet in the next town and take him there to get his feline -hiv/leukemia test.
He passes and the vet tells me he's probably 8 weeks old, since he has a full set of baby teeth, but he's so malnourished that he's the size of a 6 week cat. At this point, the cat is perched on my shoulder and licking my ear. He's really incredibly sweet and hungry so now I need to keep him separated from Sadie (my cat) for 2-3 weeks incase he has a respitory illness.
My mom isn't sure she wants a cat yet, let alone a male cat so I don't know what to do now. He's really really sweet and I shelled out for his first distemper shot as if anyone in the DC area is looking for a sweet baby black kitten, give me a shout.

Now, about crafty bastards!
I lost 5 hours this afternoon dealing with the kitten so I need to get cracking!
Weatherly of the blog Spotlight On... was kind enough to write a little blurb about me after seeing my owls at Arts on Foot two weeks ago, so if you go to her blog, you'll find a coupon good for a surprise at Crafty Bastards....which is the day after tomorrow....oh god...I need to get back to sewing!
But it's so hard to sew when there's a baby kitten in the house!

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Tina Amato said...


I was so glad I came across your tent today at CB. I am in love with my new owl, Otis, and I can't wait to see what else you have in store.

Take care!