Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Did you know?

If you lose your USB cord to your camera, you're kind of screwed?

I purchased a 'card reader' to replace lost cord, but the software is on a mini disk and the users guide to my Mac basically threatened to cut me if i tried to insert a minidisc into my computer.

so...I'm at an impass. Unless i can find a way to download the software or a replacement cable that is not a 50 dollar 9-headed beheamoth multi-culti replacement cable.

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Brandy said...

The card reader requires software? I had one for my old camera and I just put the card in it and then plugged it into my USB port and it just loaded on the desktop of my Mac and I could open it up and just drag the photos from the card onto my computer. Have you tried just loading it onto the desktop without any hardware? Or have you tried iPhoto?