Saturday, May 31, 2008

art star day 1

It got off to a quick start- penn's landing is right on the waterfront and it's pretty. I really had no idea how far my booth was, tho, from the parking lot.
It was very windy and my brother scott and i were trying to stick the tablecloths down. we were moderately successful.
Then around 11:45 or so it rain rain rianny rained. The super lovely people at another booth i can't remember the name of gave my brother and I a piece of plastic to put over the back of our booth which helped tremendously.

But then at 3-ish, it started raining again. by this point, my throat was on fire (still is)
so that part isn't so great. but for being in crappy weather for 4 hours, i did ok. maybe rain makes people decide faster?

my cell phone died. i don't know if i can resurrect it. it's not like it even got that wet. i swear to god, motorlas are the worst.

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