Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Build a little birdhouse

I'm kind of obsessed with birdhouses. I partially blame seeing these from J Schatzprobably about a year ago and probably on Design*Sponge who always knows best about everything. Since then, I've tried to keep an eye out fo great 'houses on Etsy. THere was a seller who had some amazing work, but he flew (ha ha) to a store in Minneapolis and took his houses with him and sells them at "a store". If by some grace of god, anyone has any idea which store, please let me know. I still think about those houses which were kind of found-object-ish, but....oh...so amazing.
This Feeder is also out of my price range, but isn't it beautiful?
And of course Jonathan Adler has a ceramic version as well.
For the uber-modern Robin in your life, there's This house which is so great, I wish they made human sized versions.

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