Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Last night i went to the 9:30 club to see the 1990's, art brut, and the hold steady. I've seen art brut and the hold steady a few times before and I was a little afraid that a bigger venue would equal more lunchboxes yowling around me, but i have to say, it was pretty pretty great.
so thanks, crowd, for not being a total lunchbox.

Now, since i was tagged by the lovely allthose3's, here are some things about me:
It's supposed to be 5 'weird' things, but i'm dreadfully normal, so here are just 5 (maybe surprising?)things i do:

1) I always carry earplugs with me (always) because i never know when a rock show is going to break out. It's true. It's happened. And it's good to be safe.
2) I joined a gym at the end of august. i'm actually down one pants-size so far which is exciting. I never thought i'd be that person, but I'm actually really into those stupid elliptical machines. It turns out, if you stick a tv in front of me, i can go forever. the worse the tv the better. bring it on saved by the bell!
3) this kinda goes with #2, but back in the day (and by that i mean highschool) i use to play soccer and softball and fieldhockey and such and then i hurt my knee kinda badly so i stopped. i would really like to play soccer or fieldhockey again.
4) i use to keep track of all the bands i've seen. like, in a notebook. i stopped.
5) i moved to this city knowing one person and only having been here once in 1994 when some friends and i drove down from indiana pennsylvania to see one of the last dog faced hermans shows my senior year of college. it was a fucking fun night but i still wonder why i moved here sometimes.

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