Sunday, September 16, 2007

the semi-triumphant return of the photo

I busted my camera beyond repair the first week of july hence the lack of photos here. i'm uh....borrowing one. i'll leave it at that. hopefully i can replace my sony after i, you know, get paid. wow that's going to be nice.
anyhow, i've been working like a fiend for crafty bastards so here's a sneak peak...

a new painting called "put up your dukes". the line is from a shadow from a window mullion.

This purse was something I've had for a while. it's a bunch of wooden beads strung together (i bought it at a thrift store) but I taped out a skull design and spray stenciled it on.

another thing i'm doing is trying to make a bunch of small "paintings" with a magnet on the back so you can put them on your refridgerator or filing cabinet or whatever.

and lastly, here's one of my bucket 'o dolls.

I have a little cold, but this cold medicine has made me strangely focused. I also made butternut squash soup this afternoon. i've been productive!


moogan said...

your purse is awesome and I love the tote filled with plush delights.
Best of luck getting ready for the show.
Oh and if you make it to pittsburgh for handmade arcade please oh please stop by. I love meeting up with my blog friends!

maddy said...

lovelovelove the green painting! i'm psyched to see you and yr tent! hopefully i'll be able to get over to say hi!