Saturday, August 25, 2007

alternative etsy options?

Does anyone recommend alternatives to Etsy?
Not that I don't enjoy the site, because I mostly do.

I've just found 2 people copying my stuff which bummed me out because their stuff is actually selling.

I think i'm pretty done with etsy in general. I'll leave it up through crafty bastards and after that it's going away.


m.Lee said...

This makes me sad. I don't want you to leave and I don't want to see you copied.

igotmoxie said...

m.lee- it's going to be so weird without you being pregnant! i've only been active on etsy since january and the entire time, i've only known you as pregnant! so funny! but we're all anxiously awaitng baby blee!!!

Tracy said...

*wave* totally off topic but I hope the new job is going well!

Goldgoggles said...

Try Silkfair. I've only visited as a shopper, but the sellers I know who have stores there love it.