Thursday, February 08, 2007

Top Design

If I were a better seamstress, I might be tempted to actually kill to be on "Project Runway". The challenges are fun and interesting and above all, challenging. I was looking forward to Bravo's TOP DESIGN since it's probably the closest to what I do for a living (challenge-based reality show-wise anyhow)

But I find Top Design to be kind of a dud. Which is a shame since I love Jonathan Adler. Like, a lot. I always go into Tabletop in Dupon Circle to fondle his ceramics. I stop shy of actually purchasing any as visions of malicious kitty Secret Agent Sadie LaRue knocking them over runs through my head.

The one great thing about Top Design 'tho are the weekly challenges.
Last week's was kinda....well....weak, but this week's is neat. Take a piece of found fabric and fashion a pillow-cover with it. I would think that taking something out of your stash is probably cheating. They suggest cutting up socks or ties or a fed-ex envelope.

I have a beautiful Guayabera shirt that i might sacrifice for this. it's too small to wear. or maybe the shirt i bought in a thrift shop in jersey city new jersey with a really funny print of a tiny man all over it.

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